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The Henry L. Stimson Center:  Mekong Policy    www.stimson.org 
Since 2006 a seed grant followed by multi-year grants to sustain research for the Mekong Dam Transparency Project until larger foundation support in 2011 insured the program.  CCF continues its involvement with small grant support.

Partnerships for Innovative Strategies in Asia (PISA)  www.gwu.edu/~pisa
Since 2007 a seed grant and sustaining funds for climate change workshops for mid-level government and indigenous NGO staff in Vietnam, Thailand, U.S. and Myanmar/Burma

International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCNwww.iucn.org/wcpa
Since 2007 grants toward the corpus of IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas’ Miller Program which includes awards for innovation in protected areas’ economic and environmental sustainability and graduate training at the Center for Tropical Agricultural Research in Costa Rica

World Resources Institute  (WRI)  www.wri.org/reefs
Since 2008 support for ongoing Reefs at Risk research and the improvement of coastal resource management by providing analysis of the 80% degradation of coral ecosystems and the threat to human livelihoods and well-being in the Caribbean and the Coral Triangle of Southeast Asia.

ASHOKA:  Innovators for the Public www.ashoka.org
Since 2008 three-year stipends first to develop a partnership of communities to conserve broad ecosystems and sustainable livelihoods around the headwaters of the Ganges River and now to support an ASHOKA Fellow doing similar work on the Mekong River.

A Rocha Lebanon (ARL)   www.wildlebanon.org
Since 2009 for salary and general support for scientific studies, community-based conservation and environmental education in the Aamiq Wetland of Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley which has been leveraged to develop eco-tourism in the area, now severely challenged by the civil war in Syria.

AFSC  Regional Learning Networks   www.afsc.org
Since 2010 support for learning opportunities for youth leaders to deal with conflicts related to nationality, ethnicity and religion, for cross-border exchange to understand the effects of foreign investments and their impact on the people and resources of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

Peace Research Endowment (PRE)  www.peace-research-endowment.org 
In 2013 to provide a seed grant for a scoping study relating climate change and hydrocarbon extraction.  PRE was launched in March 2013 initiated by the Peace Research Initiative in Oslo.


Gandhi Brigade   www.gandhibrigade.org
Since 2007 a seed grant for programs to engage at-risk young people and rebuild their lives through the power of digital media, grants for youth exchange in El Salvador and leveraged core support for video and art to explore race, gender, economics, faith, justice in their neighborhoods.

YMCA  www.ymcadc.org  
Since 2007 to support summer camperships at the Silver Spring, Maryland YMCA giving
additional funds to develop an organic garden project and to implement the integration of Washington metro-wide area children from the Lighthouse for the Blind into camp life.

Friends of the Desert Mountains   www.desertmountains.org
In 2009 support for Healthy Initiative for Kids in the Environment (HIKE) program .
In 2012 grant for the Junior Trail Guide and Summer Youth Programs experiencing desert nature and learning survival skills in the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains of southern California.

Teachers Across Borders (TAB)  www.teachersacrossborders.org
In 2008 and 2009 funds for a Cambodian genocide survivor to earn a masters in Library Science at the University of Wisconsin.  She now trains school library staff and establishes national standards in line with those required by Southeast Asian and International Federation of Library Associations.  

Pace e Bene Non-Violence Service   www.paceebene.org
Since 2009 grants to support its Non-violence Education Program to apply principles and methods of personal, social and global transformation through its workshops and online learning center for young people and community organizations.

AFSC Center for Promotion of Monastic Education    www.afsc.org
Since 2010 support for holistic training for child-centered community schools in Myanmar/Burma and for a similar network of Socially Engaged Monastic Schools.  These highly successful programs offer basic and civic education and are being replicated in additional provinces.  

CHEER:  Culture Health Education Environmental Resources/Vietnam www.cheerforvietnam.org  
Since 2011 for its Traversing Borders Teacher Training Program and stipends for Peace Village a pioneer NGO in Vietnam for handicapped children, likely related to the legacy of Agent Orange.

University of Washington Foundation  www.depts.washington.edu/sswweb/rupp
Since 2011 general support for the new and only university Social Work Department in Cambodia.  The first class with professional training and field practice was graduated at the Royal University of Phnom Penh in 2012 to do work undertaken until now largely by foreign NGO workers.  


Vietnamese Nom Preservation Foundation  (VNPF)   www.nomfoundation.org
Since 2004 to support the digitization and study of ancient texts and a partnership with the National Library to preserve and digitize over 2,000 texts there and at a 3rd century Buddhist site. Restoring the nearly extinct Nom language leads to international and national awareness and cultural pride.

Iowa 4-H Foundation    www.iowa4hfoundation.org
In 2007 to support a student intern and equipment to upgrade historical archives at the 4-H School House Museum where the 4-H emblem for the rural youth movement was born 100 years earlier.   

Activist Video Archive (AVA)   www.activistvideoarchive.org
Since 2009 to inaugurate and help build an archive of videotaped interviews of justice and
peace activists in Los Angeles and southern California.  While not complete oral histories,
the perspectives presented provide valuable material to historians, journalists and the public.  


Fund for Reconciliation and Development (FRD)   www.frd.org
2004-2006 to support reconciliation efforts and education/action around issues of Agent Orange, unexploded ordinances, poverty and sustainable development in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and to fund the first “Social Science Workshop on Effects of Agent Orange” in Vietnam.

War Legacies Project (WLP)   www.warlegacies.org  www.agentorangerecorder.com 
Since 2006 support for FRD’s legacies of the American war in Southeast Asia projects to form a separate NGO.  It has become a prime resource for information and action re: Agent Orange and a liaison for dioxin containment and sustainable reforestation near the site of the US A Shau Base.

Project RENEW:  Restoring Environment and Neutralizing Effects of War www.landmines.org/vn
In 2009 and 2010 grants to develop a Mine Action Visitors’ Center in Quang Tri, Vietnam to teach the history and realities of 300,000 plus tons of unexploded ordnance left in Quang Tri from the war.  A 2013 grant to help match funding for a new quick response Explosive Ordnance Disposal team.

The Aspen Institute    www.aspeninstitute.org
In 2010 to support the launch and progress of “Addressing the Legacy of Agent Orange: Declaration and Plan of Action”, a ten-year plan of the US-Vietnam Dialogue Group to
move toward closure on the environmental and health impacts of Agent Orange.

Center for Sustainable Community Development (CSCD)   www.cscdvietam.com
In 2011 to support a small cow raising and training project for young unemployed married couples with limited education in Thanh Hoa Province, organized by former Quaker Service Vietnam staff.

Communications Consortium Media Center (CCMC)   www.ccmc.org
In 2011 and 2013 support for the Agent Orange in Vietnam Information Initiative to raise public awareness and ensure that the US Government, businesses and private donors commit to funding work toward the Goals of Dialogue Group’s 2010 Plan of Action (see Aspen).

Viet-Nam Assistance for the Handicapped (VNAH)   www.vnah-hev.org
In 2012 to be part of a Public Private Partnership to develop a disabilities action plan for 2013-2020 for the 154,000 people with disabilities of which about 2,000 are children in Dong Nai Province.

Legacies of War Project (LWP)   www.legaciesofwar.org
In 2013 for education and advocacy around the lasting effects of the 1964-1973 secret air war which dropped approximately two million tons of ordnance on Laos, most of which remains a critical threat to the Lao people and their ability to safely farm their land.


A Rocha  -  Lebanon
ASHOKA  -  India and Thailand
Center for Sustainable Community Development  -  Vietnam
CHEER  -  Vietnam
Legacies of War  -  Laos
Mekong Policy Project  -  Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam
Monastic Education  -  Burma/Myanmar
Nom Language Preservation  -  Vietnam
Regional Networks  -  Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar
PISA  -  Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia
Project RENEW  -  Vietnam
Royal University of Phnom Penh Department of Social Work  -  Cambodia
Teachers Across Borders  -  Cambodia
War Legacies Project  -  Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos
World Resources International  -  Indonesia and the Philippines

Activist Video Archive  -  Los Angeles, California
Communications Consortium Media Center  -  Washington, District of Columbia
Friends of the Desert Mountains  -  Coachella Valley of Riverside County, California
Gandhi  Brigade  -  Montgomery County, Maryland
Iowa Foundation  -  Ames, Iowa
IUCN Miller Program  -   Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico
Pace e Bene  -  Chicago, Illinois and Oaxaca, Mexico
Peace Research Endowment  -  New York, New York
Vietnam Assistance for the Handicapped  -  McLean, Virginia
World Resources International  -  Caribbean nations
YMCA  -  Metropolitan Washington, District of Columbia